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After winning the title of Miss Jetset Magazine, Jewelry Designer Becca Tepper was able to use the cash and prize winnings to open her very first store in La Jolla, California. When Becca Tepper Couture opened in 2016, Becca began designing most of her jewelry in-house.

Miss. Tepper knew from the beginning that she did not want to only sell retail clothing but instead use her boutique in a more studio style setting. Setting appointments allows the BT Couture team to set their store up specifically around the needs of their clients allowing a more intimate consumer experience. Becca explains that she will be customizing all of the clothing with different styles of jewelry add-ons to make her brand completely custom and unique.

Setting appointments is a trend attractive to young, highly specialized retailers but also for in-the-know fashion, obscure music, and rare books. The idea is not only to lure serious collectors who want one-of-a-kind pieces, but to also allow merchants to form long-term relationships with their customers. The BT Couture team encourages pop-ins, whether they are shoppers, design students, or curious locals. The appointment aspect just offers untold benefits to shoppers, and cautions customers to call ahead. One of the most exciting results we have experienced as a result of the appointments is the ability to involve our consumer family in our fashion shows and other events we participate in on a regular basis. The wonderful input and reactions we have received so far remind us on a daily basis how being different can empower our audiences and bring real growth.

Becca Tepper, 25, is an intrepid Brazilian-American entrepreneur originally from San Diego. As a designer she is known for her unique, signature hand and body chains. Becca is known to be a humble, caring, kind young woman with a tenacious work ethic and an erudite knowledge of social media marketing. If you don’t recognize her from her cover spread in Jetset Magazine, there is a good chance you may have come across her through her shrewd ability to galvanize supporters online.

“I always knew that I wanted to open a store that was completely different then any other boutique setting Explains Becca. I truly view jewelry as artwork that can be incorporated into our everyday lives and try to express that through all the jewelry that I not only design, but delicately handcraft everyday.”

Becca Tepper Couture cannot wait to meet you and hear your feedback! Book an appointment or pop on in any time. Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm!

The BT Couture Team!


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